Become a Cloudstream Certified Partner!

Join the Cloudstream Certified Partner Program and profit from the growth of cloud-based MRR business services. Simply sell and install the new Intellitouch OHP 9000-IP and when your customer subscribes to a premium message on-hold or business background music service, you’ll tap into a new source of recurring revenue and commissions paid monthly.  Partner Program Overview (.pdf)

Partner commission & residual plan

One-time commissions for your sales reps and ongoing residuals paid directly to you. We pay your sales reps directly, so you don’t have to -- enabling you to sit back and watch your recurring revenue grow, month by month.

Service Plan

One-Time Commission Paid to Partner Sales Rep
Ongoing Residual Commissions Paid Monthly to Partner

Message On-Hold

per location/per month

Business Music

per location/per month
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Approved Cloudstream Partners receive the following

(over $1,000 annual value!)

  • Two - OHP 9000-IP Players (one for your office phone system and another for your demo kit)
  • Two - Premium Subscriptions for both Message On-Hold service and Business Background Music Service
  • Fully customized message on-hold production for your business (featuring products & services unique to your business)
  • 25% off your first stocking order of 6 or more units

How it works

  • Complete the online partner application. Upon approval you’ll receive a unique partner number.
  • Report your OHP 9000-IP device sales.  Just enter your partner number on the online form and upload a pdf of your invoice showing the serial numbers of the OHP 9000-IP devices you sold.
  • Once submitted you will be associated with the device and the end user.
  • Each month you'll receive a report detailing the devices associated to your partner account along with your commissions and residuals you have earned.

 Show me the money!

  • Partner sales rep commission is paid when the sale is reported or when the player is activated by the end user.
  • 10% recurring revenue commission is paid monthly to Partners for 3 years from the service plan activation date.
  • Check your mailbox!  Commissions and residuals are paid monthly.
Become a Partner
Report a Sale

Talk about an easy sell!

With the OHP 9000-IP and Cloudstream’s powerful user interface, your customers can easily manage, schedule and create their business audio from any web browser. Whether your customer has one location or thousands, they can manage them all individually or in groups from one place.

Cash back to your customers...and more

We send a $50 rebate check directly to every customer, for each device they activate (no limit), after 3 months of continuous service on any of our premium plans. Customers also get a FREE personalized message to use on their on-hold production and $50 in voice service credit for more custom messages.